Gubu Dam is 109 ha in surface area and has an average depth of 5-7 m. It is built on the headwaters of the upper Kubusi-Kei Basin in the Amatola Mountain foothills. The dam is stocked annually with rainbow trout and biennially with brown trout fingerlings. Successful fishing at Gubu often calls for a fairly technical approach and it can be a frustrating and intimidating water. Although the relatively low altitude of the dam (i.e. high oxygen saturation) produces extremely hard-fighting fish, the water is somewhat nutrient-poor and fish over 6 lb are rare.

The Gubu Dam clubhouse and clubhouse grounds are only open to paid-up members and their hosted guests, i.e. at least one member must always be accompanying any non-member/s. Non-member interest groups (e.g. school groups, other fishing clubs, etc.) or event groups who would like to use the clubhouse may send a request to Clubhouse users must call in at the Club bailiff’s house (last house on the left, down the hill towards the clubhouse) to present their membership certificate, obtain a gate key (R200 deposit required), complete the register, buy an electricity token, pay any non-member accommodation and rod tickets, and request the clubhouse door lock’s combination respectively.


Treat the clubhouse like your own home. Keep it clean, and don’t leave stuff behind that your wife wouldn’t want in her house.


Other club members, the club bailiffs, or Amatola forests’ staff can ask you to show your membership certificate and/or accommodation/rod ticket.


Please Take Note Specifically for Gubu Dam

  • Due to the fire risk to the surrounding commercial forests, the making of fires is only permitted in constructed fireplaces.

  • Land access (vehicle, cycle, foot, etc.) to the forestry road network along the eastern areas of the dam and the roads along the northwestern areas, beyond the campsite, are prohibited without a forestry permit. A permit is obtainable from Mr. Ian Taylor, head of security at the Amathole Forestry Company, call him on 083 251 2145.

  • Report illegal hunting (e.g. poaching with dogs) and any other suspicious activity or security issue immediately, day or night, to Mr. Ian Taylor, head of security at the Amathole Forestry Company, on 083 251 2145.

  • Inform yourself of the rules and protocols to be followed by reading the Club Rules.


The Gubu Dam clubhouse is located at -32.612678°s / 27.275264°e. the easiest route there is via the R352 from Stutterheim. To enquire about conditions ahead of time, call or SMS the AFFC bailiff:

Karin Opperman on 074 919 5099