Club Rules


General Rules & Protocols for all Club Waters, Riparian Areas, and Facilities Unless Otherwise Specified. The right of admission is reserved, failure to abide by the Club’s rules can result in immediate eviction and termination of membership.

>> The Gubu Dam clubhouse and camping on the clubhouse grounds is only available to paid-up members and their hosted (i.e. member-accompanied) guests. ALL(!) non-member visitors, regardless of their relationship to the host-member, are required to pay for accommodation, see the “Rates” tab for the costs. Non-member interest or activity groups (e.g. other fishing clubs, school groups, event groups, social groups, etc.) may request use of the clubhouse via an e-mail to

>> Any member or member-group leader visiting the Gubu Dam clubhouse grounds is required to obtain a key for which a refundable deposit must be paid (R200). Such person will also  be required to sign a register for said key and such person will be held responsible for any transgression of the Club rules or any damage to Club property by said member or member’s group. Should any accidental damage be caused it must be reported to the bailiffs.

>> Club or water-authority bailiffs, AFFC club members, forestry staff, municipal staff, or community members can request any user of Club waters or Club facilities to present proof of membership or rod/accommodation tickets.

>> Members have three months grace to renew their membership, after the 31st August, the joining fee will apply.

>> Remove ALL (!) refuse from the clubhouse and Club grounds on departure, including firewood bags, bottles, cigarette butts, candle wax, etc. Littering of any form will evoke immediate termination of membership.

>> Smoking inside Club buildings/confined spaces (e.g. braai areas) is unlawful and strictly prohibited. Repeat: remove and adequately dispose of all cigarette butts regardless of the location.

>> The playing of loud music is not permitted, irrespective of location.

>> Drunken, disorderly, poor, or obnoxious behaviour of any form may result in immediate membership termination.

>> The clubhouse must be thoroughly cleaned and tidied before departure. This includes: cleaning out fireplaces (ash to be dumped in the designated pit at the kitchen drain); cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, all dirty dishes, etc. Repeat: take all rubbish whatsoever home with you or bad fishing luck will haunt you for evermore.

>> Fishing on Club waters is open to all paid-up members. Non-member anglers are required to purchase daily rod tickets, see the “Rates” tab for the costs. Note, Mnyameni Dam requires a separate rod ticket to that required for Gubu and Maden Dams.

>> All watercraft are permitted but only electric, non-combustion motors are allowed. If fishing from a watercraft, be courteous to bank and wading anglers, always ask if you wish to approach closer than 50m.

>> Only conventional fly fishing equipment is permitted. Squashed barbs/barbless hooks are encouraged.

>> No brown trout may be killed.

>> At Gubu and Maden Dams, Club members may keep four rainbow trout per day, and non-member, rod-ticket holders, two rainbow trout per day. The minimum size for kept rainbow trout is 40cm. Repeat: brown trout are no-kill.

>> The Mnyameni Dam fishery is 100% no-kill, regardless of rainbow or brown trout.

>> If using the Gubu Dam clubhouse, fill out the fishing register located on the clubhouse kitchen counter. The info is important to better manage the fisheries.

>> Due to the fire risk to commercial forests, fires, gas-fired braais, camping stoves etc. are only permitted at designated camping / accommodation sites and fireplaces. When cleaning the Gubu Dam clubhouse, dump fireplace ash ONLY in the designated pit at the kitchen drain.

>> At Gubu Dam, land access (vehicle, cycle, foot, etc.) to the forestry road network along the eastern areas of the dam and the roads along the northwestern areas, beyond the campsite, are prohibited without a forestry permit. A permit is obtainable from the head of security at the Amathole Forestry Company, Mr. Ian Taylor, he can be contacted on 083 251 2145.

>> Help police our waters, engage other anglers in a friendly manner and ask if they are Club members or day-ticket holders, request to see their paperwork. Report guilty-party names and/or vehicle registration numbers to

>> Unless carrying a valid access permit, off-road bikes, quad bikes etc. are not permitted on any forestry roads or off-road trails. Invasive joy-riding of any sort will not be tolerated.

>> Gubu Dam and the clubhouse area are part of a conservancy and there is a general no-dogs policy. However, tentative, case-by-case leniency is granted in the cases of extremely well behaved/trained dogs who are kept in-check at all times, do not disturb wildlife in any way, and whose presence does not infringe in any way whatsoever on the enjoyment of other users of the facilities.

>> Report illegal hunting (e.g. poaching with dogs) and any other suspicious activity or security issue immediately, day or night, to the head of security at the Amathole Forestry Company, Mr. Ian Taylor, on 083 251 2145.