Maden Dam


Maden Dam is 10 ha in surface area. Set in an idyllic valley that is the source of the Buffalo River, it is surrounded by indigenous forest that cloaks the Amatola Mountains foothills. The dam is stocked annually with rainbow trout fingerlings and is a consistent producer of feisty fish, but trout over 4 ½ lb are rare.

Maden Dam is located at -32.740042°s / 27.298469°e and is reached via a turnoff from the R30, 14 km north of King William’s town.

If using the clubhouse and/or being accompanied by non-members, keys and/or rod tickets can be obtained at Target Line (3 Bell Rd., Vincent, E.L. / 043-7264496), Rob Scott at The Shire Eco Lodge (Stutterheim / 0723648077), or from Pedro de Abreu at Pepe’s pets (Grey Street, K.W.T/ 0829505959). Present your membership certificate, pay non-member accommodation (R100 pp/pn, under 4 years old is free and 4 – 12 is 50%) and fishing fees (R150 pd, but R100 after 13:00), and sign for a key (R100 deposit required) respectively. The basic clubhouse has only four bunks so call in advance to enquire about or reserve space.

Other club members, municipal, or forestry staff can ask you to show your membership certificate and/or rod ticket.

General Rules & Protocol

>> Always remove all refuse, firewood bags, bottles, etc.

>> All water craft are permitted but only electric, non-combustion motors are allowed.

>> Only conventional fly fishing equipment is permitted.

>> No brown trout may be killed.

>> The minimum size for kept rainbow trout is 40 cm.

>> Club members may keep four rainbow trout per day, and non-members (day-ticket holders) two trout per day.

>> If fishing from a boat or kickboat, be courteous to bank and wading anglers, do not approach closer than two cast lengths (65 m).

>> Help police our waters, engage other anglers in a friendly manner and ask if they are members or day-ticket holders, request to see their paperwork. A.F.F.C. day tickets are valid at Maden and Gubu. Report guilty-party vehicle registration numbers to

>> Do not gut or hang fish inside the clubhouse — keep things clean. Tidy up thoroughly; take all litter whatsoever home with you or bad fishing luck will haunt you for evermore.

>> Refrain from playing openly audible music anywhere on the grounds.