Wolf River


The Wolf River is in the ex-Ciskei homeland, on the road between Keiskammahoek and Hogsback. For the moment, the access and fishing there is not administered by any local authority. However, in the interests of improving the environment, promoting fly fishing,  and making a contribution to the local community, the AFFC has launched a community program aimed at rehabilitating parts of the river and initiating a fishing-access/fishing-value partnership similar to that that the AFFC established with the Mnyameni Dam community.

The project is still in its infancy, and much of the work and protocols still need to be formalised, and undertaken. Anyone wishing to volunteer their services and/or funding to this project must please contact AFFC committee member Rob Scott on 072 364 8077.

Unless you are familiar with the Izingcuka (Wolf River Valley) community and families, and so as not to jeopardise community relations and negotiations, the AFFC does not encourage unofficial visits to the area for now. But our members will be informed the moment a system is in place.