Wolf River


The Wolf River is in the ex-Ciskei homeland, on the road between Keiskammahoek and Hogsback. The access and fishing there is not administered by any local authority but in the interests of promoting fly fishing and making an albeit small contribution to the local community, the AFFC has endeavoured to share information about the river. For the moment only one ‘beat’ has been formalised as it were for this arrangement, but others will follow.

Please remember that when you are in the Wolf River (Zingcuka) area that you are a guest on communal, tribal lands. Treat all land, plants, animals, and people with respect. To see precise details: save the Google Earth (.kmz) file to your computer, then open Google Earth on your computer and under the ‘File’ tab select ‘Open File’. The file contains detailed location, track, and general information to make it easy for you, which info can be accessed by right-clicking on any of the tracks or location points and selecting ‘Properties’ from the dropdown menu, or simply hovering over the the track or point.

Wolf River KMZ